Saturday, 10 March 2012

grace marks in ptu exam dec 2011

 ptu students a great news lined for u ptu has offered grace marks in some subjects in engineering students please click below link for the subjects . you might got all clear in these subjects
the few are shown below for full notice  copy paste the above linkl in your browser dont forget to likethe blog

Sub. Code Subject                          Sem         Extra Marks Awarded
CE-203 Fluid Mechanics-I                 3                  5
ME-303 Heat Transfer                       5                 5
ME-202 Strength of Materials –  II     4                 5
ME-201 Strength of Materials-I          3                 5
ME-203 Theory of Machines-I          3                  5
ME-101 Elements of Mech. Engg.    1 & 2           10
PH-101 Engineering Physics             1 & 2          10
AM-101 Engineering Mathematics-I    1                10
AM-102 Engineering Mathematics-II    2                 10


  1. can u plz let me knw wht is criteria of grace marks for the recently declared result in april 2012 . will the grace marks will be provided for m2 this time too. kindly let me knw
    m really worried ,,,, i gave reappear exam n hav got 23 marks s per site reslt . gazette is yet not declared . should i fill reval form

    1. i think u should fill reeval on the last date mentioned for the filling of reeval form. as there is no such criteria set by ptu to give grace but as this time in april 2012 results many students get 23 marks in m2. even 3 of my friends also had scored same marks. so you should wait for gazeete till last date but being on safe side at the end u need to fill reeval as its better for u to avoid such matter if grace didnt provided. and to get passing marks from 23 is some way you should fill reeval to be on safe side

  2. hello sir , i have got 21 marks in the m3 , due to availabilty of gazzetee on 2 august i got same marks, ie = 21 marks, do iam not able to put the revaluation form as per the rule., But acc to the collage my form is not able to lock the paper as the last date of the reval form was 31 aug, plz tell me what to do as i was able to get the gazzette on 2 aug. is there any solution is there, could i be able to give the chance to put the reval form again or, be given 3 marks on any special case from the university end if the collage puts up an an certain request for that......
    Waiting for your valuable reply...