Saturday, 17 September 2011

check ptu answer sheets

This is the notice published in the PTU official website which states that it is mandatory to provide the photocopy of the answer sheets to the students/candidate.
please go through the following.
with respect to query raised by secrecy branch" whether as per the Hon,ble Supreme Court Judgement. only the inspection is to be allowed or photocopy of the answer sheet is also mandatory to be provided to a candidate as per the RTl Act?"
As per the legal opinion provided by Sh.Tribhawan Singla, Advocate, lt is clearly mentioned in the Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgement in CWP No. 6454 of 2011 titled CBSE & Another Vs Aditya Bandopadhya and others that an examine(candidate) is entitled for inspection as well as photocopy of the
answer sheet subject to the rider that the university has right to conceal the identity of the examiner etc.. therefore, as per the Hon'ble Supreme Court judgement, a candidate
has a right to obtain a copy of the answering sheet as well as he can also inspect the answer sheet. It is the choice of the candidate which mode he prefers".
You are hereby directed to comply with the orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court in CWP No. 6454 of 2011 titled CBSE & Another V/s Aditya Bandopadhya and others.