Friday, 24 January 2014

Reevaluation Process for examination

The results of the November / December 2013 session of the Punjab Technical University or any other university is going to be announced in a couple of week's time. The results are often comes to as a surprise for most of the students as either they think they got less marks or some even say they got unexpectedly high marks. But, to be fair to those who score less as expected by them. They have an option of recall offered by the university to all those students who think the same way as been less awarded. 
This method is generally refers to the Re-evaluation process. The terms and condition cum rules for the same varies from university to university . But, most of them offer 15 days to apply for re-evaluation from the date of announcement of results. This time is given to the students to analyse their exam question paper and their written answers. If after the process they still think they were being less awarded for their written part. Those students can apply for the re-evaluation process within those 15 days(or as advertised by the university) along with some fee for the same. 
This fee generally comes to around 500-800 (as per university rules) per answer sheet that needs to be re-evaluated. All those students can fill the re-evaluation form along with the requisite fee and submit the same to either the university office or to the college administration, as being notified by the respective college or the university. 
The students who think they get 2-3 less marks as was being required to pass the requisite subject. these students think they can get a grace marks by their university. but still the gazette notification sometimes consumes a couple of weeks to get public after the announcement of the results  and this may lead to the violation of the deadline prescribed for the filling up of the re-evaluation forms. 
To avoid this scenario, it is highly recommended to the students to fill the re-evaluation form well in advance even if they think they can get a grace in the gazette. further queries regarding the same is highly welcomed. 
note:- The process remains the same in most of the school boards, university, college unless otherwise notified separately . only duration and the amount of fee may varies. for a specific rules and regulation in your college contact their rule book.

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