Monday, 18 February 2013


In Punjab Technical University the results for has recently been announced. the results are by and large good but still some of you might just not get satisfied with the result according to your performance. the grace marks are awarded to many students who are placed around just below the passing marks of 24 from 60. the candidates can fill the reevaluation form for the subject in which they think checkers hadn't checked their papers correctly by giving a nominal amount. other alternative of not spending this amount is to file an RTI (right to information). In RTI the students can file an application under RTI act 2005 to the PTU which will entitle them to get a photocopy of their answer sheet and then they could check the marking of the examiner themselves.

 The filling of RTI is simply an application seeking the photocopy of the answer sheet under the subject "seeking information under RTI act 2005". This application will accompany a ₹10 postal order which will be easily available from any post office across INDIA.The reply from the university will be available on your address which will be given by you in the application within 1 month of time. A nominal photocopying cost has to be beard by you to get a reply.
 The following point to be taken care of while filling an RTI :-

  • Always write subject line "application under RTI act 2005 seeking following information"
  • Write postal order no in the application and attach it with the application.
  • Write your address in which you want to get a reply from university or any other organization.
  • Try to post your application through speed post or registered post as their delivery receipt information could be held to get a surely response


  1. sir I shocked to see my result ofptu 1sem beee.I confidentlly say thatI could score more than 40 marks.but I was failed in beee by 15 marks. is rti will help me in my concern subject.

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  3. sir, i am btech 3rd year student..i shocked to see my result 4th sem i do hard work in exam i was failed in cn and mp so sir plzzzzzz help me...................................