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The Punjab Technical University and all university students feel lot confused about the marking scheme of the university. The students generally feels they have been awarded less marks than they should get . Most the Reappear students finds it difficult to accept their marks and generally chooses to file a reevaluation. But, that too doesn't make it work for them as reevaluation, generally has very few chance of getting subject gets cleared.
Majority of students in the university fails about how to write an exam sheet. In this post we will help you get to know insight about how to get max marks from the checker even when u have less to write(only for out of syllabus/tougher  paper) in the exam sheet.

In most theory exam papers, questions are categorized as 
very short answer questions(usually range 2 marks question)
short answer questions (usually 5 marks question)
long answer question or essay type question ( 10 or above marks)

Out of these portion you must attempt the max marks section (10 marks section)first and that too with the most confident question u know.
 Attempt that question in the best way u can, this is because by attempting an answer brilliantly u gets the confidence of the checker as he/she feels that the student is better and he/she awards you the max possible marks in that question say 8/10 on an average and also the next answer he/she checks he/she will have some relaxation .

Easy way to understand is that after attempting 10 marks question in which u are getting 8 marks as your best response. in the next section of 5 marks question, when you attempt the best answer for that section. automatically the max marks gets reduced to 5 and as you worked hard in 10 marks section to get 8 marks then as exact 50% deduction occurs, you are legible to get max 4 marks out of 5 irrespect of how much better you write .

else if you go for 6-7 marks attempt in 10 marks question, then going for 5 marks section u chances of getting marks higher than 3.5 is almost zero. .

This is the best way you can play with the mind of the checker when you write an exam paper. It really works when you face a tough paper.

So, golden rule for getting maximum marks in an exam is that attempt the section and question you know the Best first and then go to other less marks section that too u know the best answer, only after attempting these sections best go for question who know slight good to answer.
Also attempt the least marks/ question section at the end(1-2 marks/question section) this is because never give you checker a chance to mark this section until you answer all the question you  at least want to answer of higher marks section this is generally because this will keep the checker max marks to either 5 or 10 and will rate your answer according to that only.
further tricks to  manage your checker will be posted later. also share this post with your friends so that they can too have a try and feel the difference.
how to get maximum marks in engg physics


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